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Nine-Layers Sludge Belt Dryer


Solution Introduction

  With the constant growth of the urban inhabitants and the fast development of industrial creation, the amount of city domestic sewage and industrial wastewater is rising. In buy to protect the ecological atmosphere, urban wastewater have to be dealt with and discharged before achieving the regular. Nevertheless, when the sewage is purified, a large volume of sludge is generated. Since the sludge has high drinking water content and a big volume and is characterized by numerous poisonous and hazardous substances, if it is not securely disposed of, It will provide serious secondary pollution to the environment. Underneath standard circumstances, the mechanical dewatering technological innovation of sludge can only reduce the humidity content of sludge to about 80%. This kind of high water articles is not conducive to the subsequent transportation and disposal of sludge. Therefore, in buy to effectively deal with and recycle the sludge, the sludge drying approach is indispensable.
  Sludge belt dryer is a special sludge drying products specifically developed and developed for sludge which has the traits of substantial dampness, higher viscosity, large water keeping ability and minimal calorific worth. The special style has been manufactured on the internal composition of the dryer, which not only improves the thermal effectiveness but also successfully avoids the adhesion and abnormal drying of the sludge in the dryer.
  Sludge belt dryer is ongoing drying gear for batch production, it is specifically suitable for materials with large drinking water content and large temperature. The dryers of the sequence have the benefits of quick drying pace, substantial evaporation strength, and great solution top quality. The dehydrated filter cake-like paste materials requirements to be granulated or strip-formed to be dried.


Functioning Basic principle
  The device is a box composition, and a multi-layer conveyor belt is arranged in the box, and the conveyor belt circulates in the box. The material is evenly dispersed on the initial conveyor belt. By way of the transmission of the chain, the 1st layer of mesh belt is poured into the subsequent layer of mesh belt, and the decrease layer is alternately dropped one by one to the final layer of the mesh belt. At this time, the dampness material of the content fulfills the drying needs. The air circulation adopts a countercurrent method, and the substantial temperature and reduced humidity airflow upward from the lowermost mesh belt of the dryer to carry out mass transfer warmth transfer, thus obtaining the purpose of taking away humidity, and the exhaust fuel is discharged from the leading by means of the induced draft enthusiast. The tools has a high diploma of automation, and the components are automatically turned above throughout the drying procedure to ensure uniform drying of the components. It has the rewards of reduced labor intensity, a very good operating surroundings, and easy products servicing. The bottom of the box is created with a blanking swash plate and a quick opening cleaning doorway to aid the cleansing of the powder in the box.

  Materials space: The materials is placed in the tray composition. The materials space is divided from the heating place by an aluminum plate. The gear and the drying area are entirely divided. For that reason, the materials to be dried does not contact the sulfur dioxide fuel, and there is no fireplace.
  Heating area: It is a area for installing electric powered heating tools and creating scorching air. The fan is set up at an appropriate situation. The supporter is forced to circulate the air to make the temperature variation amongst the higher and reduce sides of the dryer tiny. The special adjustable air separation perforated plate assures the uniform temperature.
  Hot air conveying mode: The circulating enthusiast sends sizzling air to the very hot air passage, and then enters the content chamber via the porous air dividing plate, and adopts the air provide method of the upper, decrease, still left and correct sides to make the drying a lot more uniform.
  Heating tools: electric powered heating, coal burning, fuel, steam, and many others. (heating source can be chosen). The machine has realistic framework, practical installation, and maintenance, steady operation, easy use, lengthy services life, minimal functioning price.
  Ventilation and dampness removal gear: The gear is divided into 3 kinds: base ventilation, aspect ventilation, and top air flow. It can be designed and made according to distinct components and plant specifications and outfitted with a strong wind route communication method to make the airflow of the total drying area enough. Temperature control and humidity management in the drying box make certain the proper temperature for drying, phase handle of drying time, genuine automation management, and equipped with an alarm system.


1. The air volume, heating temperature, materials home time and feeding velocity can be altered to achieve the drying result
two. The tools configuration is flexible, and the belt washing method and materials cooling system can be employed
3. Most of the air is recycled, which will save power
four. The double-layer air circulation framework is adopted, the scorching air is even, and there is no partial dry phenomenon
five. According to the attributes of the materials, distinct process circulation and extra auxiliary tools can be additional
six. Quickly-drying pace and large evaporation intensity
seven. The mesh belt has very good gasoline permeability and the drying cycle can be arbitrarily modified
8. According to consumer requirements, it can be divided into a number of models, every single unit can management the loop individually.
9. There are different heat supply selections, this kind of as steam heating, electric powered heating, warmth transfer oil heating, sizzling air heating, and many others.

CZPT Parameters

Model DW9-1.two-6.four DW9-1.2-eight DW9-1.6-10 DW9-1.six-twelve DW9-two-16 DW9-2-20
Belt width(m) one.two 1.six two
Dry size(m) six.4 eight 12 16 20 24
Content thickness(mm) 30~fifty
Drying temperature(ºC) 50~eighty
Steam Pressure(MPa) .2~.five
Evaporation(kg/h) 150~260 one hundred eighty~315 290~500 350~610 570~one thousand 720~1250
Steam use ≤ 2kg steam / 1Kg water for each evaporation
Power(kw) 33 forty two 70.5 eighty four.five 142 176
Dimension(m) 9.5×1.8× 11×1.8× 13×2.2× 15×2.2× 19×2.6×5.7 23×2.6×5.7
Bodyweight(kg) 13000 16500 27350 32800 54800 68500


  It is utilized for the drying of flake, strip and granular components with great gas permeability the paste substance of dehydrated filter cake can be dried soon after currently being granulated or stripped.

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