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Open roof greenhouses give a environment for plant growth when the outdoor climate is suitable and an artificial environment when it’s too hot or cold. Opening the roof over the plant life increases light intensity which can help control the growth habit, flowering and crop timing. In addition, it reduces electrical power costs as expensive lover cooling isn’t needed.
Several methods are used to open up the roof. Some producers make a roof that opens by rolling up the single or double level of flexible plastic glazing that runs the length of the greenhouse bay. A small gear electric motor rotates a shaft that winds the plastic-type on to it like a window shade. A light, second framework over the structure secures the plastic-type material from bellowing out during windy climate. Opening and closing the roof can be either manual or automatic. Each aspect of the roof can be controlled independently for versatility in cooling.
Folding roof greenhouses work well in snowy climates because they can be tightly shut during winter. Most Gear Motor For Greenhouse designs use regular vent hardware. Some possess panels that hinge at the gutter and open up upward. Opening is nearly 100%. Others possess panels that are hinged at the ridge and one gutter and slide sideways on teflon bearings. Opening is about 85%. Most designs make use of rubber gasketing to seal the joints. Glazing could be cup, polycarbonate or film plastic-type material. Some manufacturers give a movable gutter to gather rainwater when the roof is usually partially open up. Wind sensors should be installed to close the roof in stormy weather. Movable shade is generally installed with the open roof design. It reduces heat load by reflecting the suns rays back out. The shade curtain ought to be of a porous style to allow heat to flee. In northern climates an energy blanket can also be installed to reduce heat loss through the winter.
These structures contain a steel frame, versatile glazing and cable support. Woven UV stabilized polyethylene film produces a watertight glazing. According to the cropping program, bracing of the structure could be external cables mounted on deadmen, inner compression braces or trusses with cable X bracing. Flat roof designs are used where there is small rainfall or snow. A-roof designs shed the rainfall and snow to an internal gutter system. Styles which will carry up to 35 lb/sq ft snow load and 100 mph wind loads are available. The roof opens in sections by moving the leading edge of the curtain. One equipment motor will deal with up to 50,000 sq ft of roof Heating system is more difficult than in a typical greenhouse because of the single layer plastic material and better infiltration through gaps and cracks in the seals.

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