Exhaust Pipe Interlock Flexible Metal Hose Making Machine

Exhaust Pipe Interlock Flexible Metal Hose Making Machine

one. Item Specifics

What can our device produce?

one. Round Interlock Hose (2S & 3S)
two. Polygonal Interlock Hose (2S & 3S)
three. Interlock Hose with Yarm
four. Vehicle / Boat Engine Adaptable Exhaust Pipe


two. CZPT Parameter

a. Machine No.one:

Equipment Sort CF-a hundred and fifty
Available Shape Round or polygonal with diverse forming dies
Size variety ID38-one hundred fifty
Forming pace one hundred fifty-350m/8hrs
Strip thickness .25-.5mm
Strip width sixteen and 20mm
Electrical power 4KW
Outer proportions 3500mmX1200X1600mm
Excess weight 950kgs

b. Machine No.two:

Equipment Type CF-300
Obtainable Shape Round or polygonal with various forming dies
Size range ID150-three hundred
Forming speed one hundred-200m/8hrs
Strip thickness .twenty five-.8mm
Strip width 16,twenty, 28, 32mm
Power 11KW
Outer proportions 3500mmX1200X1600mm
Weight 1200kgs

c. Other Types’ Parameter


Generating size/mm ID38-a hundred and fifty ID75-300 ID200-400 ID38-65
Speed M/H a hundred-one hundred twenty a hundred and fifty-400 a hundred-one hundred twenty a hundred and fifty-400
Strip dimensions /mm 16-20*.25-.five 20*.45m 28*.five-.8 fifteen*.twenty five
Type Polygonal Spherical round polygonal

3. Device Instruction

Principal: the machine incorporated innovative technologies, the universal wheels and four pairs of forming wheels will be utilized to kind the hose action by step. The measurement of the interlock hose will be exact same as forming mildew.
1. 7 pairs of wheels are all transmission wheels (refers to wheel drawings), the first pair of wheel is positioning (refers to wheel drawing 001).They can not be pressed way too challenging to prevent as well quick feeding.The allowable tolerance in both sides can not be more than .3mm. The third pair are folding wheels(refers to drawing 3),the folding diploma of asymmetry will not be far more than .3mm. The fourth pair folding & shaping wheel(refer to wheel drawing 004), the strip will be folded and formed to be 90° angle. The fifth pair (refer to drawing 5) will make 90° angle strip 60° angle.
two. After the strip goes through 7 pairs of wheels, wind and correct the strip on the forming mold, and then press the slot action by step with seven pressing wheels. Run the equipment slowly till the correct hose will come out.
three.The transmission wheels have been altered prior to delivery from the factory.

When modifying the 4 middle pressing wheels, remember to notice: the very first pair can not be as well tight, then the 2nd will be tighter than 1st, the other will be by the very same way.
The turning course of middle pressing wheels:

Altering Method:
The seven pairs of wheels(1-seven) will be positioned with spacers, the higher wheel need to be in the exact same centre line with decrease wheel, do not correct them. There are spacers within reduce wheels which have been altered ahead of shipping and delivery. The spacers outside the house the wheels will be pressed by the nuts. The spacers of diverse thickness will be used to make confident the decrease wheel just in the heart of the strip and the two sides folded equally. The five pairs of wheels have to be pressed down parallelly with same force. Make confident the strips are not destroyed when urgent down the wheels.
Will not fasten the nuts on the pressing tools to maintain the spring within can move freely.
You need to place gasket when it is essential to make tight interlock hose.
When modify the transmission wheels, it is necessary to loose all wheels, and then allow the wheels fall down freely and then fasten.
Hold the length amongst urgent wheel help and the huge plate of the device 1.5mm 1 than an additional clockwise.(for three-s equipment, it will be one.0mm)

  1. Incorporate the grease in the chain wheel and chain before begin-up and maintain the shaft and chain are greased effectively.
  2. Run the machine with uniform speed, never ever speed up or reduce the pace out of the blue. When begin up the device, the pace ought to be much less than 400r/min and max. velocity should not be a lot more than 800r/min.
  3. Lower off the power provide when the machine is not operating.
  4. Fasten the nuts on the wheels and end them from sliding and hold verify to make sure.

four. Business Overview

Comflex CZPT Co.,Ltd

We supply all varieties of devices relevant to hoses, bellows, and cloth growth joints with far more than 35 years. Meanwhile, we can also design and style and manufacture specific products in accordance your particular requirement. Our machines have been exported to a lot of nations, this kind of as Ukraine,Russia, Viet Nam, India, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Uk, Turkey, and many others.. We assure you extended-term mutual helpful cooperation partnership!

five. Application

Exhaust hose generating machine are broadly utilized to manufacturing exhaust pipe or flex connectors for the truck. In comparison with interlock ASS hose, the 3-s hose has the following features:

  • Minimal leakage
  • Much better sealing functionality
  • Adaptable
  • Exhaust connector, Exhaust pipe for the truck.
    CZPT versatile steel hose creating.
  • SS & sss variety, spherical & polygonal variety



Produce speed/hr

Strip size(width*thickness)



two hundred




two hundred








one hundred fifteen




a hundred








one hundred



45,fifty one,55mm 








89,ninety five,102mm



6. Packing & Shipping and delivery

seven. CZPTer Go to

eight. Certification

FAQ for interlock hose making machine

Q:Why choose us as your supplier?
A:We are most professional in flexible conduit making machine with more than 30 Years’ experience

Q: What can you supply for flexible conduit making machine?
A: Interlock hose making machine
    Squarelock hose making machine
Q:What sizes you machine can make?
A: Interlock Hose:ID3-ID450 on different machines

We need to know the following information to quote you correct machinery:

Q:What type of flexible conduit you need?
A:For instance, square lock or interlock hose, please send us profile drawing or picture to us.

Q:Hose size range
A:Such as:DN8-DN200

Q:Material of hose
A:Such as: Stainless steel (304,316L)/Galvanized steel

Q:Product type
A:Spherical/Polygonal interlock hose

Exhaust Pipe Interlock Flexible Metal Hose Making Machine