Dimpled Foundation Waterproofing Membrane Machine

Dimpled Foundation Waterproofing Membrane Machine
Junsheng Model devices have handed CE certificate and exported to in excess of 20 nations around the world, like Turkey, Poland, Russia, Romania, Germany, Kosovo, and so on.
Equipment promise is 2 many years and we provide Turn-essential undertaking.

Brief Introuction of Junsheng Watertight Sheet Machine:
– Convex wall thickness of the round convex on the drainage panel is effectively-proportioned.
– Compression toughness is fifty% greater than equivalent item, which solves the problem.
– Electrical power preserving thirty%.
– Higher output
– Exact same forming roller, with changing different dimples, diverse dimensions will be acquired.
– With altering mould, spherical and sq. form.
– Drainage board thickness range is .5-5.5mm, width up to 5000mm.

Major CZPT Specification of Junsheng Watertight Sheet Machine:

Model PSB-2000 PSB-3000 PSB-4000 PSB-5000
Screw dia. mm one hundred thirty five a hundred and fifty 180 150×2
L/D ratio L/D thirty:1 thirty:one 30:1 thirty:one
Solution width mm 2000 3000 4000 5000
Item top mm 8, ten, twelve, 15, 18, twenty, 25, 30, 35, forty
Output Kg/h four hundred five hundred seven-hundred a thousand
Line speed m/min  2-six
Installed ability KW 252 320 410 550
Energy intake KW 132 a hundred and sixty 220 300
Proportions (L×W×H) m 22×4×2.eight 22×5×2.eight 22×6×2.eight 23×6×2.eight
Total bodyweight T 16 twenty 28 35

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Dimpled Foundation Waterproofing Membrane Machine