Cement Industry Central Chain Bucket Elevator for Hot Clinker

Cement sector central chain  bucket elevator for very hot  clinker(TH410)

Bucket CZPT is 1 of the most productive conveyor products to elevate a assortment of bulk resources from mild to heavy and from wonderful to huge lumps, and it is broadly utilized in the cement constructing components, mining, steel, chemical market, environmental protection, port wharf and so on. Bucket elevator technique is composed of a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets situated at the best and base of the device.

There are 3 types mostly:
one. NE plate chain bucket elevator
2. TH ring chain bucket elevator
three. TD belt bucket elevator

NE plate chain bucket elevator is a plate chain kind, gravity-induced discharge hoist system. The device adopts influx feeding. The materials flows into the hopper and is lifted to the best by the chain of the plate. It discharges by itself under the gravity of the substance. The chain is a high-energy alloy metal large-strength plate chain that is use-resistant and dependable, and the hard-tooth surface area reducer is used in the push area.

TH kind bucket elevator is a type of ring chain bucket elevator utilizing hybrid or gravity discharge, excavation loading. It is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, and small block bottom grinding materials with a bulk density significantly less than one.5t/m3. These kinds of as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer, meals, and many others. The TH bucket elevator is utilized for vertical conveyance of various bulk supplies. It is suited for conveying material temperature below 250°C.

TD belt bucket elevator is a belt traction bucket elevator, also known as a high-performance bucket elevator. It is a collection of hoppers that are evenly fixed on the limitless belt, and a continuous conveying machine for lifting supplies vertically.



one. NE plate chain bucket elevator

Product Capacity Kind of hopper Max Materials Measurement (mm)
Bucket Volume(L) Bucket Pitch(mm) Bucket Velocity(m/m) Share (%)
m3/h ten 25 50 seventy five 100
NE15 16 two.5 203.two 29.eight sixty five 50 40 30 25
NE30 31 7.8 304.eight thirty.one 90 seventy five fifty eight forty seven 40
NE50 sixty 14.seven 304.8 30.1 90 seventy five fifty eight forty seven 40
NE100 110 35 400 31 a hundred thirty one zero five eighty sixty five fifty five
NE150 165 52.two 400 31 a hundred thirty one zero five eighty sixty five fifty five
NE200 220 eighty four.six five hundred thirty one hundred seventy one hundred thirty five 100 85 70
NE300 320 127.five 500 thirty one hundred seventy 135 100 eighty five 70
NE400 441 182.five 600 thirty 205 165 one hundred twenty five 105 90
NE500 470 260.9 seven-hundred 30 240 a hundred ninety 145 one hundred twenty a hundred
NE600 600 300.two seven-hundred 30 240 190 one hundred forty five a hundred and twenty a hundred
NE800 800 501.8 800 thirty 275 220 a hundred sixty five a hundred thirty five 110

2.TH ring chain bucket elevator

Model variety TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630
Capability(m³/h) Center hopper 35 60 seventy five 114
Deep hopper fifty nine 94 118 185
Hopper dimensions(L) Middle hopper 3.75 5.9 6.3 14.six
Deep hoper six 9.five 15 23.6
Distance (mm) 512 512 688 688
Chain sort seven seven seven 7
Diameter of chain (mm) eighteen 18 22 22
Distance of chain knot (mm) 64 sixty four 86 86
Conveying lumpiness (mm) forty 40 60 60
       Rising Height m9 forty forty 40 40

three. TD belt bucket elevator

Model Variety TD100 TD150 TD250 TD315 TD400 TD500 TD630
Bucket sort Q H Zd Sd Zd Sd Zd Sd Zd Sd Zd Sd Zd Sd
Ability Centrifugation design 4 7 sixteen 27 38 fifty nine forty two 67 sixty eight a hundred and ten 96 154 148 238
Extensive style             32 50 fifty four eighty five 70 112 a hundred and ten 218
Bucket width a hundred a hundred and sixty 250 315 400 five hundred 630
Bucket capability .fifteen .three one.two one.9 3. four.6 three.seventy five five.8 5. nine.four nine.three 14.nine fourteen.six 23.5
Bucket length two hundred 350 450 five hundred 560 625 710
Capacity width 150 200 300 four hundred 500 600 seven hundred
Quantity of layers(optimum) 3 four 5 6
Driving Drum Diameter 400 500 630 800
Follow Driving Drum Diameter 315 five hundred 630 630
Speed Centrifugation type 1.four 1.six 1.8 2.
Extensive style     one.two 1.4 1.3 1.five
Spindle Pace Centrifugation type 67 sixty one fifty four.6 forty eight
Comprehensive fashion     forty five.eight 42.5 forty 36




Cement Industry Central Chain Bucket Elevator for Hot Clinker