Ce Approved Sc200 200td Construction Hoist   Building Hoist Lift

Ce Authorized Sc200/200td CZPT CZPT / Creating CZPT/Lift

Business Introduction

ZheJiang Xingdou Equipment is target on all kinds of rack and pinion driving vertical entry equipment and Source design, resolution and OEM to all customers all in excess of the globe!

CZPT creating hoist, Tower crane mini hoist, industrial lift, mast climbing platform, Mast climber.

500kg-3000kg loading ability passenger cum content constriction site creating carry

Its main items contain:
PLC construction lifts.
Reduced, medium, and large-speed variable frequency building lifts.
Special objective construction lifts, these kinds of as power plant cold drinking water tower design lifts, mini rack development lifts for tower crane, and mine design lifts.
Inclined construction lifts.
Modest rack observation carry.
Large-degree test mattress servicing raise.
Other OEM sort rack and pinion vertical lift.

Effective tasks:

Our rack and pinion construction building hoist have despatched to more than thirty international locations and get properly feedbacks from them!

Merchandise description

SC Frequent PLC CZPT passenger and content hoist

Specification Variety Lifting Potential Lifting Speed Motor Electricity Safety Gadget

Single cage CZPT counter bodyweight

SC100 1000Kg


2*11Kw SAJ thirty-one.2
SC150 1500Kg 2×13Kw SAJ forty-one.two
SC200 2000Kg 3×11Kw SAJ forty-one.2

Twin cages CZPT counter bodyweight

SC100/a hundred 1000Kg×2EA 2×11Kw×2EA SAJ thirty-one.two
SC150/150 1500Kg×2EA 2×13Kw×2EA SAJ 40-one.two
SC200/two hundred 2000Kg×2EA 3×11Kw×2EA SAJ 40-one.2

SC Minimal velocity VDF CZPT passenger and substance hoist
CZPT Information

Specification Type  Lifting Capacity Lifting Pace Motor Power VFD Safety Gadget

One cage CZPT counter bodyweight

SC100L 1000Kg ~33m/min    0~40m/min 2×11Kw 30Kw SAJ 30-1.two
SC150L 1500Kg ~36m/min     0~46m/min 2×13Kw 2×15Kw 30Kw   37Kw SAJ forty-1.2
SC200L 2000Kg ~40m/min     0~46m/min 2×15Kw 3×11Kw 37Kw SAJ 40-one.two

Twin cages CZPT counter bodyweight

SC100/100L 1000Kg×2EA ~40m/min 2×11Kw×2EA 30Kw×2EA SAJ 30-1.two
SC150/150L 1500Kg×2EA ~36m/min ~46m/min 2×13Kw×2EA2×15Kw×2EA 30Kw×2EA37Kw×2EA SAJ forty-1.2
SC200/200L 2000Kg×2EA ~40m/min ~46m/min 2×15Kw×2EA2×11Kw×2EA 37Kw×2EA SAJ forty-one.2


SC Mediaum speed VDF CZPT passenger and content hoist

Specification Type Lifting Ability Lifiting Speed Motor Electricity VFD Protection system
One cage CZPT counter weight SC a hundred M 1000Kg ~60m/min 3×13Kw 45Kw SAJ thirty-1.four
SC a hundred and fifty M 1500Kg ~63m/min    0~60m/min 3×15Kw 2x19Kw(87Hz) 45Kw 55Kw SAJ 40-1.4
SC 200 M 2000Kg ~60m/min   0~63m/min   0~70m/min      0~75m/min 2×23Kw(87Hz) 3×15Kw   3×19Kw(87Hz) 3×23Kw(87Hz) 55Kw 55Kw 75Kw 75Kw SAJ forty-1.4   SAJ50-one.6 SAJ50-one.six SAJ50-1.six
Twin cages CZPT counter bodyweight SC 100/100 M 1000Kg×2EA ~60m/min 3×13Kw×2EA 45Kw SAJ 30-one.four
SC a hundred and fifty/a hundred and fifty M 1500Kg×2EA ~63m/min   0~60m/min 3×15Kw×2EA 2x19Kwx2EA 45Kw 55Kw SAJ 40-one.four
SC 200/200 M 2000Kg×2EA ~60m/min    0~63m/min  0~70m/min  0~75m/min 2×23Kw×2EA(87Hz)3×15Kw×2EA 3×19Kw×2EA(87Hz)3×23Kw×2EA(87Hz) 55Kw 55Kw 75Kw 75Kw SAJ 40-1.four SAJ50-1.six SAJ50-one.six SAJ50-two.

SC Hight speed VDF development elevator

Specification Sort Lifting Capability Lifiting Pace Motor Energy VFD Security system
Solitary cage CZPT counter excess weight SC 200 H 2000Kg ~80m/min  0~96m/min 3×26(87Hz)     3×18.five(87Hz)  90Kw  110Kw SAJ fifty-two.
Twin cage CZPT counter fat SC two hundred/two hundred H 2000Kg×2EA ~80m/min ~96m/min 2×3×26(87Hz) 2×3×18.five(87Hz) 90Kw×2EA 110Kw×2EA SAJ fifty-2.


Cage& Cabin.

The cage can be manufactured according to consumers prerequisite. small or massive variety all ok for us. 

Mast area.

various kind of mast segment we can provide, like 650*650*1508mm, 650*two hundred*1508mm, 650*1508 flat kind, 650*900*1508mm, 450*450*1508mm, 800*800*1508mm variety and so on.

Cage metal frame.

 All steel frames are welding set within Jig to keep every single solution in accordance to method requirement 

Accomplished protection steps for design material elevator

one. Equipping with Anti-falling safety device governor 
two. CZPTal an Mechanical interlock: CZPT basic safety switches, Slack rope switch
3. Security hook
4. Higher and bottom restrict switches, entice door limit switch
5. Overload protector
six. Base Buffer
7. Stage Calling technique and auto leveling device to be choose.
8. Ramp doorway for (Ex.doorway of cage).




Different certificates of constructing hoist are avaliable

We can supply certificates to help customers do importation the development constructing hoist effortlessly and conserve expense for them.  We have wealthy experiences in the exporation and importation techniques, and do our ideal to meet up with consumers particular demands!


We maintain good partnership with all of our consumers

CZPTy yr, some clients from oversea would like to spend a visit for potential constructing hoist purchase negotiation, partnership further improvement, new design and style&engineering conversation, trainning staffs, firm inspection, manufacturing unit loading inspection and so on. They satisfy our company development speedly, and they make certain they locate a good spouse to source a reliable construction constructing hoist with appealing price!


We can supply you with comprehensive merchandise description drawings and installation methods. Give you with the comprehensive dimension of the CZPT passenger and substance hoist.

one.We have a professional support group,all the services engineers have been excellent qualified and have nicely activities which are proficient for their job. We can offer installation and commissioning if required.
2.The warranty period is inside of 50 percent a year given that the set up and adjustment has been concluded. All parts are in warranty increase besides electrical parts.
three.We promise to give a quick support response inside 2 hours since we acquired the maintenance telephone form clients.
4.We offer the provider lined the total valuable daily life of our product, which including maintenance, mend, technical upgrade, managed service and so on. 
5.We will routinely adhere to-up the go to on our customers since they requested our product. Your recommendation is quite critical for us!

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Ce Approved Sc200 200td Construction Hoist   Building Hoist Lift