agricultural gearbox

bevel gearboxes arrive in a vast range of HP capacities. Choose from present ratios and shaft configurations or customise them to satisfy #imgurl[]#your software demands. Our Application Engineers will operate with you to understand your software demands and dimension the suitable gearbox for your application. If your application demands a customized travel solution, our engineers will perform you to layout a bevel gearbox that satisfies your specific application to reduce anxiety and use on your products and extend service existence.

Layout Attributes:
• Customizable shaft configurations up to one.75” [45 mm] diameter on enter shaft and two.00” [50 mm] diameter on output shaft
• Available ratios (other ratios accessible on request)
• Straight bevel – one:1, 1.18:one, 1.35:1, 1.86:1
• Max HP score
• 540 rpm = 108 HP
• 1000 rpm = 192 HP
• Rugged solid iron layout
• Integral nose cone for improved strength
• Tapered roller bearings
• Double lip spring loaded seals

Obtainable Choices:
• Left/Correct/T shaft configurations
• Double gearbox preparations
• Internal shifting – (forward – neutral)
• Viton seals
• Pressure reduction

Software illustrations:
• Grain Cart
• Tillers
• Manure Spreader
• Bale Processor

agricultural gearbox

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